Strategie(s) for voting


This strategy works on Uniswap v2 style pools or contracts utilising token0/token1 and reserves.

This strategy calculates the quantity of the specified token within a single LP, doubles it to account for both sides, and then uses it as a weight against the users LP balance.

This strategy also additionally adds the users token balance to give a token weighted score.

This is useful to be inclusive of LP and token holdings and need to scale them to be balanced with each other. Code:

    "tokenAddress": "0x42077e348702f13Ea80CE6a6A38b8b60fbb37B5d",
    "symbol": "cDAO",
    "lpTokenAddress": "0x42077e348702f13Ea80CE6a6A38b8b60fbb37B5d"

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