The SubDAO has been created to allow anyone with 1000 or more tokens to create a proposal. If the proposal passes with 25%/2,500,000 $cDAO quorum then the proposal will be posted on the main DAO.

For posting in the SubDAO please follow the following guidelines. Failure to follow these can result in a deletion of a proposal:

  • Start the proposal with a number 1 greater than the proposal before. For example if the previous proposal started with 004, start a new one with 005.

  • 1000 $cDAO tokens are need to be held to create a SubDAO proposal.

  • A voting weight (or quorum) of 2,500,000 needs to be reached for the proposal to ascend to the main DAO.

    • This means individuals who collectively hold 25% will need to vote in the proposal.

  • Responses to a proposal are 'For, Against or Abstain'.

  • Any offensive, obscene or inappropriate content will be deleted.

  • Proposals that are made using language that is vague and/or ambiguous will be removed until the proposal is made clearer.

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